Research & Academics

Research & Academics

Bio-medical research in S.S. Hospital has been emerged as a new potential to carry out well-allied investigative applications of Basic sciences and Cancer aspects in particular. The research department has been self-evolved to such scientific and academic contentment that it is recognized as a SIRO from DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The dissertation and training programmes in different streams of Biological and Biomedical sciences are also well-recognized in and outside Bihar from various universities: Tilka Manjhi University, Bhagalpur; Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag; Patna University, Patna; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-BHU), Varanasi; NIPER, Hajipur etc. The following core research laboratories are functioning very efficiently with multi-disciplinary integration and gaining more strength in terms of better facilities and dedicated skillful research personnel. Research on relatively new disciplines, but more clinically fruitful areas, has been ideally initiated in the Institute, keeping the translational outputs for the mankind, ultimately.

  • Centre of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Oncology
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Pathology and Immuno-histochemistry
  • Centre for Cognitive Sciences and Palliative Care
  • Laboratory for Pre-clinical studies and Reproductive Health


Sl. No

Name of the Research Personnel



Research Experience


Dr. Jitendra Kr. Singh

Director & Senior Oncologist


49 years


Prof. Akhileshwari Nath

Head of Research

M.Sc, Ph.D

46 years


Prof. Jagdish Ojha

Emeritus Scientist

M.Sc, Ph.D.

45 years


Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh


(Senior Scientist)


M.Sc., Ph.D

45 years


Dr. Tanuja

Visiting Faculty

(Biological Scientist)

M.Sc, Ph.D.

25 years


Dr. Anjali Singh

WoA Woman Scientist (Animals Facility I/C)

M.Sc, Ph.D.

15 years


Dr. Abhishek Rohan

Consultant Dentist



8 years


Mrs. Parool Gupta

Research Associate-II

(Clinical Research Coordinator)



8 years


Mr. Sachidananda Behera

Research Associate-II




8 years


Mr. Himanshu Kr. Vats

Research Assistant

B.Sc., M.Sc.

2 years


Mr. Bibhu Prasad Patra

Research Assistant


2 years


Ms. Pratima Pandey

Research Assistant


2 years


Ms. Keerthi Katkam

Research Assistant


2 years



  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hajipur
  • ICMR- Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
  • CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
  • Central University of South Bihar, Gaya
  • National Institute of Technology, Patna.
  • Bio-Innovations Limited, Mumbai.
  • Pataliputra University, Patna
  • Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna



Many major projects, sponsored from Central/State Government, are being carried out in this organization where competent research personnel consisting Senior Scientists, retired professors, Bio-Medical doctors, young skillful researchers work passionately to generate genuine and useful research outputs for the benefits of the community.

The following Mega Projects of “Govt. of India/Bihar” are either completed or going under the integrated efforts of our multidisciplinary research team under the chairmanship and keen over-all guidance of Dr. J.K. Singh, Senior Oncologist and Director

  1. Monitoring therapeutic efficacy of selected anti-cancer drugs and assessment of reduced rate of disease status in the patients of Breast Cancer and Head & Neck Cancer in Bihar (Ongoing)

  2. Safety and efficacy of combination therapy of taxane derivatives with platinum-based drugs or 5FU in Head and Neck cancer patients (Ongoing)

  3. Analysis of QoL and preferred drug combination in Breast Cancer patients of Bihar population: A hospital based study (Ongoing)

  4. Assessment of safety and efficacy of drug combination based on Adriamycin and Cyclo-phoisphamide with 5FU or Paclitaxel and platins in Breast Cancer patients (ongoing)

  5. Molecular profiling of male reproductive disorder in Endosulfan, Arsenic induced mice and their detoxification by micro-organisms with probiotic potential, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi. (Completed)
  1. Phase-III Clinical Trial with an Intravasal Injectable Male Contraceptive – RISUG”, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi. (completed)
  1. Protective effect of few Medicinal Plant Extracts on Pesticide Induced Reproductive Disorders in Mice; sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research. (Completed)
  1. Cancer Awareness Programmee for Adolescent School Children” in Patna, Bihar sponsored by National Council for Science Technology Communication (NCSTC), DST, New Delhi. (Completed)
  1. Establishment of Unit for estimation of pesticides and heavy metals in people of Bihar and Linkage with Cancer; sponsored by DST, Govt. of Bihar. (Completed)

  2. Genomic Analysis of Breast Cancer and Leukemic Cancer sponsored by (SERC), DST, New Delhi. (Completed)
  1. Awareness Programme on Health and Sanitation Management in rural people of Patna, (Phulwarisharif Block); sponsored by DST, Govt. of Bihar (Completed)
  1. Genomic Analysis of Breast Cancer and Leukemic Cancer sponsored by (SERC), DST, New Delhi. (Completed)
  1. Effects of Imatenib on the patients of Chronic Myloid Leukamia – A randomized trial on 100 patients. (Completed)

  2. Psychological effect and behavioral changes of cancer patients – a pilot study on 250 patients. (Completed)



In accordance with its aims and objectives, the following different committees are made with perfect combinations of scientific, administrative intellectuality and novelty to carry out various project-based works and related ethics for the smooth working of all the departments

  1. Governing Body
  2. Research Advisory Board
  3. Human Ethical Committee (as per DCGI, New Delhi, Govt. of India)
  4. Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (as per CPCSEA, New Delhi, Govt. of India).
  5. Hospital Administration and Development
  6. Purchase and Review Committee
  7. Recruitment Committee



A plethora of patients who has completed their treatment; and developed recurrence and metastatic cases later, the hospital provide them efficient palliative care as they have a lot of symptoms particularly, pain, agony, depression, hallucinations etc.

Such types of patients need quality palliative care where they can be made comfortable in the remaining part of life; for which the hospital aims to start a “Hospice” where these patients exclusively would get treatment with a touch of homely love and affection.



The hospital believes that Oncological scenario in this country will not change if collective efforts are not focused on community Oncology works where awareness, Cancer Education, Prevention, early detection should be given on top priority. Keeping these aspects in mind, the hospital has been doing lots of activities targeting the poor, less-educated patients and the general public in the society. This hospital has carried out many training programs for the trainers and the target is mostly schools, colleges and different academic organizations.

To popularize this endeavor even at the remote area, the hospital has implemented regular “Out-Reach programmes”. The hospital has a dedicated team working at various nodal regions for the “Tobacco Cessation programme” in the state and after a period of 6 years it was observed that all the societal efforts made by this hospital has generated a remarkable image in the public; and the hospital continues to witness a large number of public coming for screening and check-ups. The initiative of Community Oncology has benefited millions in many parts of Bihar till date and the scenario continues to be more strengthened with better coverage and updates from professional Oncologists to medical-attention requiring remote places.