The Facilities In The Different Disciplines Are


 S S Hospital Research & Centre is a reputed centre for surgical oncology for the treatment of numerous types of cancers. The provosion of organ specific units have provided the best results in the expert hand. With state of the art OT, povides all types of onco surgeries in most precise & refined manner.

 The team of exceptional surgical oncologists of national and international repute is equipped with the latest bleeding control equipment like CUSA, Ligasure, Tissue Link & Electrocautery-leading to a blood less surgery. The team is also supported by intraoperative monitoring technology to ensure that the patient receives 100% precision surgical expertise.

The surgical oncologists of S S Hospital Research & Centre also specialize in organ conservation surgeries making it possible to save and preserve the organs like breast and larynx.


Department of Urology is full fledged dept. and 15-20 patients suffering from urinary problems attend this dept. everyday in the OPD. All the major and minor surgeries related to the urinary tract are routinely carried out in this department.


S S Hospital Research & Centre is equipped with a specialized day care centre for chemotherapy and provides medical oncology treatment, management and palliative care for all types of cancers.

  • With latest equipments medical oncologist doctor, this centre is capable of providing all types of latest chemotherapy.
  • Implantation and the proper maintenance for the port-a-cath, PICC lines, etc.
  • Day Care Chemotherapy.
  • Chemo Admix Unit to ensure zero wastage of drugs.
  • Preventive management of chemotherapy side effects.
  • Trained team of doctors, nurses and technicians to support patients.


  1. Histopathology
  2. Cytology
  3. Cytochemistry
  4. Haematology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Microbiology
  7. Immuno­­-histochemistry
  8. Tumor Marker Facility
  9. Receptor Test


A state of-the-art Dentistry unit fully equipped with all basic infrastructure.


  1. 300 MAV X-ray
  2. Colour Doppler USG Machine
  3. Mammography
  4. C.G.


S S Hospital Research & Centre has comprehensive modalities for pediatric oncology. The centre is equipped with the latest technology, infrastructure and medical acumen to detect, diagnose and treat all types of childhood cancers – especially blood cancer and lymph node cancer.

  • Precise & accurate diagnosis of cancer.
  • Nuclear Medicine services including Dual Head Gamma Camera, 3 Tesla MRI and revolutionary PET CT.
  • Complete range of pediatric haemtology, biochemistry, his to pathology along with open and minimally invasive biopsies.
  • State of the art- continuity oncology department with outreach programme.



Pain Management is a multidisciplinary approach to management of chronic pain, as well as cancer pain. S S Hospital & Research Centre specializes in managing pain through non-pharmacological, pharmacological, as well as Interventional procedures. The centre implements the use of newer drugs and works on increasing the in understanding of the pain pathways.

           S S Hospital & Research Centre focuses on Regenerative Medicine, which is an integral part of Pain Management and plays an important part in cancer rehabilitation.


S S Hospital and Research Centre has all diagnostic facilities in its lab. The different machines are automatic in nature and gives accurate result within shortest time.

This pathology department has following wings :-

  • Histopathology
  • Cytology
  • Cyto-chemistry
  • Haematology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Immuno-histochemitry
  • Tumour Marker facilities
  • Receptor Test

         The hospital has collaborated with some very reputed labs, where some specialized tests which are being sent for better results.

Outdoor facilities :-

Hospital provides full fledged outdoor services of various following specialties for quick disposal of patients :-

  1. Surgical oncology
  2. Medical oncology
  3. Department of radiation oncology (with collaboration)
  4. Department of Dentistry
  5. Department of general medicine
  6. Supportive Department
  7. Department of Gynaecology
  8. Department of Orthopedics
  9. Department of Uro-oncology
  10. Department of social work

Day Care Unit

The Hospital has full fledged State of the art Day care unit for providing chemotherapy medicinal institution. Patient has all type of supportive services to meet all shorts of complications if aries any time.

Critical Care Unit

S.S. Hospital has 4 beded critical care unit , where patient  can get all type of support & treatment , if any patient becomes critically ill.

Endoscopy unit

Patient gets facilities of different types of scopies for the diagnosis & treatment purpose.

Clinical Psychology

A very specialized department of clinical psychology has been set up in this institution for communicating with patients, who are upset, depressed. These  types of communication are made with the help of cancer survivors, who had cancer in the past & how it is cured with treatment.

Counselling & Cancer Detection Centre at District level

We organize monthly awareness programs for counselling & cancer detection for rural communities in remote rural areas. Counselling is handled by doctors, Survivors & clinical psychologists during the camps & in Cancer Detection Centre at District level.

Palliative care

The unit helps patient’s pain management & improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Pain Clinic.

Preventive & Community Oncology Unit

Apart from the latest treatment, S S Hospital & Research Centre is focusing on Community Oncology program also. The scenario in the country will change, if we concentrate on Awareness, Cancer education, Preventive & Early detection of the disease.

 We started Health Check up, screening through various programs in schools colleges in collaboration with NCC cadets, NGOs & Social Activists of Bihar for early detection of cancer cases, and create awareness among the general public.

Our emphasis and aim is to ban tobacco through our platform ‘Tobacco Mukti Mission’

Community Awareness

Our Institution is in the process of getting recognition from National Cancer Control Program, Govt. of India.

Clinical Excellence

S S Hospital & Research Centre Provides Treatment as per the internal clinical protocols. All treatment processes and patient progress along with requirements are approved through the well formulated Tumor Board. The board consists of a panel of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists who together with radiologists, histopathologists and consultants from relevant specialties’ are able to provide medical expertise and provide the best line of treatment.


The library is well equipped with latest National, International books and Journals with internet facility for ready references. Hospital conducts training programs for nursing/paramedical staff, ensuring they are up to date with the latest medical developments.

 Academic Activities

S S Hospital & Research Institute aims to provide innovative and effective training to the students for their successful career in various fields. 

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses biological system, living organism or derivatives theory to make or modify product or processes for specific use. Biotechnology combines disciplines like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Embryology and Cell Biology which are linked with Chemical Engineering, Information Technology and Robotics.

 Path-Biotechnology describes the exploitation of pathogens or pathogens derived compounds for beneficial effects. Major research efforts in the field include Sequence Alignments, Gene finding, Genome Assembling, Protein Structure Alignment, and Protein Structure Prediction, Prediction of Gene Expression and Protein-Protein Prediction.


S S Hospital & Research Institute provides training for Bioinformatics, Applied Technology including Applied Mathematics, Informatics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry and Biochemistry to solve biological problems. Usually at molecular level, bioinformatics increases our understanding of biological processes.

 Environmental Science

 S S Hospital & Research Institute will impart training to B.Sc/M.Sc courses in Environmental Sciences, teaching about environmental pollutant hazards because the magnitude and complexity of environmental pollution are becoming a grave concern of scientists.

Research Activities

SS Hospital & Research Institute imparts training programs related to Biotechnology, Genomics, and Environmental Science to UG & PG students of various universities of India.        

Several basic research projects related to heavy metals & pesticides are going on in collaboration with different universities.

Institute also organizes various scientific programs where faculty members, guest doctors or scientists of national and international repute deliver lecture on every weekends.